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AccountingFinding competent and reliable accounting staff can be difficult for many business owners. Whether you want to add to your existing team or completely outsource your accounting and finance functions, we can help with customized services such as:

“After-the fact” Bookkeeping

We enter your monthly information based on your check stubs, deposit receipts, customer and vendor invoices, and bank statements into an accounting software.  We then perform bank reconciliations and generate a monthly balance sheet and income statement for your review.

“Live” Bookkeeping

You authorize us to write checks and pay bills using a signature stamp. All bank statements and vendor invoices are sent to our office, which we enter into an accounting software as received. Through an open line of communication with you, we pay bills and invoice customers accordingly. We then perform bank reconciliations and generate a monthly balance sheet and income statement for your review.

Payroll Services

If you have less than 15 employees that all utilize direct deposit, we can offer a much more competitive price for processing your payroll than the leading payroll companies. Our payroll processing includes making the required withholding and tax deposits, filing timely tax reports, and issuing and filing W-2s. We can also assist in gathering information needed for Department of Labor and Workers’ Compensation audits.

Payroll Reporting and Compliance

If you process payroll internally, quarterly and annual payroll reporting requirements can be time-consuming, confusing, and if not done properly, expensive and high-risk. We can prepare the required payroll reports based on the information you provide as well as ensure you remain timely and aware of the constantly changing regulations.

Sales Tax Reporting and Compliance

Much like the payroll reporting requirements, if not filed properly, the fines, penalties, and risk to your business for improperly reporting sales tax can be extremely high. Either in conjunction with maintaining your monthly books, or based on your internally-generated sales reports, we can assist you in filing (or file for you) the required sales tax reports correctly and on time.

1099 Preparation and Filing

We will review your general ledger to ensure that all unincorporated independent contractors, service providers, landlords, and attorneys you paid are reported properly on a 1099-MISC. We have the capability to prepare the 1099’s for you and submit them to recipients and the IRS by the required deadlines.